Nextadvance Stainless Steel Balls

Lab Reagents

Bullet Blender Laboratories manufactures the nextadvance stainless steel balls reagents distributed by Genprice. The Nextadvance Stainless Steel Balls reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Bullet Blender. Other Nextadvance products are available in stock. Specificity: Nextadvance Category: Stainless Group: Steel Balls

Steel Balls information

Stainless Steel Beads 4.8mm RNase Free

SSB48-RNA 1pack
EUR 177
Description: Stainless steel beads. 4.8mm. 10mL. RNase free.

Stainless Steel Beads 6.0mm RNase Free

SSB60-RNA 1pack
EUR 179
Description: Stainless steel beads. 6.0mm. 10mL. RNase free.

1/8 inch Stainless Steel Tubing

TBNG10 1each
EUR 267
Description: 1/8 inch OD stainless steel tubing. Coil of 10 feet.

Spatulas - Spoon type - 140mm (Stainless Steel)

EUR 53.05

Spatulas - Spoon type - 150mm (Stainless Steel)

EUR 56.63

Spatulas - Spoon type - 160mm (Stainless Steel)

EUR 54.79

Spatulas - Spoon type - 180mm (Stainless Steel)

EUR 55.22

Spatulas - Spoon type - 200mm (Stainless Steel)

EUR 58.47

Cell Spreader - Stainless Steel Spreading, 16mm

SP114 1 UNIT
EUR 55.16

Cell Spreader - Stainless Steel Spreading, 25mm

SP115 1 UNIT
EUR 55.16

Stainless Steel UFO Beads 3.5mm RNase Free

SSUFO35-RNA 1pack
EUR 189
Description: Stainless steel UFO beads. 3.5mm. 10mL. RNase free.

Stainless Steel UFO Beads 5.6mm RNase Free

SSUFO56-RNA 1pack
EUR 190
Description: Stainless steel UFO beads. 5.6mm. 10mL. RNase free.

Slide Rack (for 24 Slides), Stainless Steel

IMS003 1 ea.
EUR 96

Optional eight channel adapter, fine tip stainless steel

BCM1547 1 pcs, 1 UNIT
EUR 247.9

Stainless Steel Beads 0.9 - 2.0mm blend RNase Free

SSB14B-RNA 1pack
EUR 128
Description: Stainless steel beads. 0.9 - 2.0mm. 4mL. RNase free.

Slide Holder Stainless Steel Rack (for 30 Slides)

IMS005 1 ea.
EUR 80

Optional single channel adapter, extra long (80mm) stainless steel

BCM1545 1 pcs, 1 UNIT
EUR 88.21