The ExoPure Isolation Kit (Cell Medium) is a fast and convenient method of isolating and purifying exosomes in high yields from cell culture media.

No need for ultracentrifugation (<2 h)
Exosome purity> 95%
Intact exosomes (good morphology)
A small sample volume of as little as 2 ml of cell medium to isolate high-yield exosomes
Easy to store and ships at room temperature (RT)

Isolated exosomes are suitable for a wide range of further analyses, such as EM study, exosome tagging, exosome subpopulation, qRT-PCR profiling of exosomal miRNAs, and exosomal protein gel analysis.

The ExoPureIsolation Kit (Urine) is available from Gentaur for delivery next week.

ExoPure Isolation Kit (Urine).


The ExoPure Isolation Kit (Urine) is a fast and convenient method of isolation and purification of exosomes with high yields from urine.

Applications: Exosome isolation and urine purification.

Sample type: e urine

Alternative Name: ExoPure ™ Isolation Kit (Urine)

Features and Benefits:

Easy to use: no ultracentrifugation (<2 h)

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